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ハタヨガ指導経験は、8年以上。プラクティスは、アイアンガーヨガ、シヴァナンダヨガ等の伝統的なヨガスタイルを20年以上学んでいます。特に、サラ パワーズ、ヴィクター チャンから学んだ陰ヨガは、セラピー効果、メディテーション効果が高いヨガとして学びを深めています。




YTC 200時間取得(World Yoga Alliance タイ)

I am a Canadian born having lived in Japan for 24 years. I hold the
200 hour YTC certification from the World Yoga Alliance of Thailand and Yoga Niketan in India. I have been teaching Hatha Yoga for more than 8 years and practicing for more than 20 years in many traditions including Iyengar and Sivananda styles
I am specialized and certified in Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers and Victor Chang as my teachers and continue to study this practice as a therapeutic and meditative style of yoga.
I feel yoga should be a guide to our way of life and enjoy practicing outside with nature. My intention is tuning ourselves to an inner space of peace so that we can manage our lives with more ease.
My classes are suited for beginners and intermediate levels or for those wanting a relaxing and deep inquiry into ones body and mind in contrast to our busy and stressed lives.
I also enjoy the playful spirit of vinyasa yoga, partner yoga and some acroyoga too!
I am a musician and enjoy chanting mantra and Kirtan as well as meditation and pranayama. I also enjoy the sea life in Miyazaki and practice sup yoga on the waters.